Dance Classes in Maynooth & Dunshaughlin
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Dance Classes in Maynooth & Dunshaughlin
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Our School

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”
Martha Graham

We at the Daisy School of Dance pride ourselves in offering the highest level of dance training for all. We are an all-inclusive dance school that promotes and encourages the abilities of all our students from tiny tots to advanced level, including neurodiverse dancers.

The Daisy School of Dance is registered with and have teachers qualified through:

  • I.D.T.A. – International Dance Teachers Association
  • BDQT – Board of Dance Qualifications & Training
  • A.R.B.T.A. – Association of Russian Ballet and theatre Arts
  • G.I. – Gymnastics Ireland
  • P.B.T. – Progressive Ballet Technique
  • Acro Fix
  • Acrobatic Arts
  • Irish Board of Dance Performance


Students take exams regularly with the IDTA, ARBTA and IBDP. With a 100% pass rate for all exam sessions taken to date the school is really encouraging the natural talent of local children. We also encourage teacher training and professional examinations.

Performance Opportunities

Our school performances of “Dancing Dreams” have shown the success of the school. Performance opportunities are vital for all children learning to dance. We at the Daisy School of Dance take every opportunity big or small to allow our students to perform. Our school shows star everyone in the school from tiny tots to senior students and guest artists.


The Irish National Ballet Competition and The National Dance Championships have brought great success to our school. These competitions offer all involved a great opportunity to prepare classwork and / or solo variations to present to an audience and adjudicators. Meeting dancers from all over the country also leads to new friends and new supports amongst the dancers.

Workshops / Camps

The Daisy School of Dance recognise the importance of working with various teachers and trying various dance styles. For this reason, we run camps and workshops with many guest teachers and artists for the students to meet, talk to and be thought by.